7 Jahre Hamas – Die Bilanz einer demokratisch gewählten Regierung

What are Hamas’ priorities?

“[Hamas]… will rehabilitate cities and villages and restore infrastructure… [Hamas] attaches great importance to education which will keep abreast of modern innovations.”

Let’s see if these promises are reflected in Hamas’ budget.

Hamas’ budget in Gaza for the year 2013 stands at 897 million dollars, but Hamas’ expected revenue this year is estimated to be 243 million dollars. The deficit of 654 million dollars will be covered by foreign donations.

Where does Hamas’ money go? The vast majority of all expected income goes to the Interior Ministry. This ministry funds the Al-Qassam Brigades, which has launched thousands of rockets at Israel 

and carried out dozens of suicide bomb attacks that killed hundreds of Israeli civilians.

If Hamas allocates its budget to building up its ability to attack Israel, where does funding for health care, education and infrastructure in Gaza come from? The answer is foreign funding. Because Hamas puts Gaza’s civilians last on its priority list, foreign organizations and groups such as the Red Cross and UNRWA end up providing services to Gaza residents.“

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