Oh, Hamas killed the baby? Big deal, so what?!

„It’s simple logic, or perhaps psychology. That image is seared onto the collective mind. To the world, the Israelis will eternally be the people who killed that baby, though they did no such thing and could never do so.

And no one cares what the UN says in their official jargon in small print four months after the fact.

There are some Jews who do care. They have a need to bask in the absolution that will never come. They want a fair shake. They want to belong to the family of man. Like a petulant child they want and want and want and stamp their feet, however, the picture is what remains in the minds of people the world over.

This narrative only is the one that is perpetuated. The narrative that eats Israel from the inside out, exonerating evil and damning good—the good that exists in the form of the only democracy in the Middle East—the only place in the Middle East where the words “human rights” have any meaning at all.“

Full article on „The Times Of Israel“


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