Die einseitige Wahrnehmung internationaler Medien im Nahost-Konflikt

„Websites such as Electronic Intifada are unapologetically delivering biased, partial and one-sided information in their attempts to delegitimize Israel, its Defense Forces and its policies. The troubling thing is that international media repost such articles with very little changes and almost no critical insight. When addressing the wrongdoings of purposefully selected single IDF recruits, media outlets take pro-Palestinian information as an absolute truth without considering that Israel has strict policies punishing such attitudes, while Hamas and other terrorist networks repeatedly promote the killing of civilians.

On the one hand, this victimization process hammered into international media by pro-Palestinian propagandists is mostly evident when reports are issued over Israel’s policies in Judea and Samaria. Terms such as “apartheid,” “discrimination” and “colonization” are used daily along with the tendency of highlighting specific aspects of defensive actions taken out of all contexts in order to perpetuate an international pressure against the Jewish state’s policies.

Zu der Zeit berichteten internationale Medien übereinstiemmend, dass der Sohn des BBC-Mitarbeiters durch die IDF getötet wurde. Im März 2013 befand eine UN-Untersuchnungskomission, dass die Hamas für den Tod verantwortlich sei

On the other hand, little attention is paid to the violence and hatred that the Palestinians living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria express on a daily basis against Israelis. Almost no one has addressed the fact that, in mid-March, belligerent Palestinians severely wounded an Israeli toddler by throwing stones at the car she was in, an act that anywhere else in the world would have been dubbed as criminal, to say the least.

In addition to that, pro-Palestinian actions worldwide are far from deserving any victim-like definition. Countless university demonstrations and conferences are held with such a tone and orientation, that free speech is pushed out at the benefit of hours-long rage against Israel following the usual procedures predetermined beforehand. On the same line, the disruption of concerts and Israeli artistic performances in numerous locations does not bode well for dialogue and bilateral understanding.

As a result, these actions by pro-Palestinian groups reflect a bitter reality: Peace is not their direct objective. In their view, the delegitimization of Israel is the first step required to weaken it internationally, and only when the Jewish state looks like a demon will it be possible to start peace talks. In other words, these lobbies and associations are continuing their destructive actions by other non-conventional and, most of the time, underhanded means.“

Full article on ynetnews.com

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