Antisemitismus und Terrorsponsoring in Norwegen

„At the time there were no studies on anti-Semitism in Norway and thus no statistics to support the massive amount of anecdotal information. Even the tiny organized Norwegian Jewish community – with less than 900 members – tried to publicly minimize the high level of anti- Semitism.

In a somewhat similar way, in 2010, almost all Norwegian mass media concealed a letter former American senator Sam Brownback sent to the Norwegian ambassador in Washington expressing concerns regarding Norwegian anti- Semitism and anti-Israelism. They were accompanied by documentation from the Simon Wiesenthal Center listing examples of anti-Israeli hate support by Norway’s king, prime minister, minister of foreign affairs, minister of finance and deputy minister of the environment. As far as is known, Brownback never received a reply.

A breakthrough in foreign exposure came when Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz visited Norway in 2011. The universities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim refused his offer of a free lecture on international law and Israel. The student unions then organized alternative lectures. Dershowitz thereafter wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal saying that Norway reminded him of South Africa under the Apartheid regime.

A few months later a study commissioned by the Oslo Municipality showed that one-third of all Jewish high school students are verbally or physically harassed at least two or three times a month. A study in 2012 by the Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities showed that 38 percent of Norwegians agree with the statement that Israel behaves toward the Palestinians in the same way that the Nazis acted toward the Jews. The authors of the study in their conclusion whitewashed these findings by not including them in their statistics of anti-Semitism. They must have been aware that calling Israel a Nazi state is anti-Semitic according to the European Working Definition of Anti-Semitism.“

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